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SkyLift Installation Videos

Want to raise your patio roof? Got questions about installing Sky Lift roof risers? You’re in the right place. Explore our video library of installation tips and advice on installing patio roof risers.

2" SS UPF 200 Roof Flashing Unboxing & Demonstration

Watch this video to see how the 2" SS UPF 200 Roof Flashing works with the Heavy Duty SkyLift Hardware Riser. This stainless steel flashing is currently the best product on the market for marine and tropical climates.

Scope, Material, and Labor of a Patio Cover or Pergola Project

Learn more about the costs associated with a patio cover project such as: Scope, Materials and Labor. This Sky Lift Hardware video series dives into the various costs of a patio cover or pergola project.

Building a Pergola or Patio Cover Over a Raised Deck

A patio cover or pergola over a raised deck can provide a great addition to a single story or multi level home. This video will cover some of the challenges associated with this build.

Dealing with Lateral Loads

Site specific lateral and seismic load engineering is a key ingredient to building a strong and safe patio cover. The Sky Lift Roof Riser brackets are a builder's hardware attachment for patio covers, pergolas and solar projects. Pay special attention to your local building official's requirements and plan recommendations.

Is SkyLift Engineering Data Available?

Yes, Sky Lift Hardware was Professionally Engineered and tested. The documents are available upon request here.

Building a Two-Post Pergola or Patio Cover

A 2-post pergola is one of the more common setups you will see on a single story home. This video covers some of the key points to watch out for when building a 2-post patio cover or pergola over your house using the SkyLift Hardware.

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Patio Cover or Pergola?

Join us as we discuss permit requirements for building a patio cover or pergola project for your backyard.

Installing SkyLift Hardware Brackets on Non-Standard Roof Types

The SkyLift Roof Riser Brackets will work around non-standard roof types such as metal, tile or shake roofs. It is very important to conduct site specific engineering and consult with qualified roof contractors for every project.

Can the SkyLift Risers be Cut Down?

The Sky Lift Roof Riser brackets are great builder's hardware attachments for building the perfect patio cover or pergola. Even though the roof risers are designed to ensure your structure "flies over" the house, you may wish to lower the bracket's overall height.

SkyLift Hardware Designer Riser Components

See all the components of the SkyLift Hardware Designer Riser-Adjustable Height series.

12" Designer Riser STAINLESS STEEL 3.5" Saddle for Post or Beam, Heavy Duty Riser/Plate

The stainless-steel saddle on the SkyLift Designer Riser supports a beam or a post to adjust patio cover height in a marine, tropical or salt intensive environment. Patio Cover support Trellis support Secondary support Gabled patio support Secondary deck support.