The Simple Solution to
Patio Cover Problems!

SkyLift Hardware: Extensions & Risers for Patio Coverings

Patios, pergolas, decks, and carports with low-pitched coverings can cause leaks, collect debris, and eventually rot wooden supports. SkyLift Hardware provides risers for structural coverings that allow you to increase the height and pitch of your patio roof with minimal additional structural support. Our patio covering extension hardware is a simplified tie-in for new or existing coverings for patios, decks, outdoor lounge areas, carports and more.

No More Low-Slope Problems

No More Low-Slope

Better Air Circulation

Better Air Circulation &
Natural Light

Excellent Weather Protection

Excellent Weather

Manufactured in the USA

Manufactured in the

The Problem

Step 1: The Problem

You love protecting your patio from sun, rain, and wind but in practice, most patio covers create more problems than they solve. You’re faced to live with leaks, debris accumulation, eventual dry rot, and a dark, stuffy outdoor space.

The Solution

Step 2: The Solution

SkyLift Hardware is designed and engineered to support an elevated wood framed patio roof cover. It gives you what no other patio cover product can; pristine airflow that offers ventilation, reduced leaks and so much more!

Before and After

Step 3: The Results

It can do what no other product of its kind can because it’s like no other product ever produced before.


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The SkyLift roof riser hardware is simple to install and simple to incorporate into all kinds of patio cover designs. And the best part? It finally allows craftsmen to be proud of building a patio cover.

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