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Standard Duty Roof Riser Brackets & Roof Flashing

Our 18” standard duty roof riser bracket extensions and roof flashing for a fully-sealed installation is perfect for lightweight polycarbonite roof covers. Our roof risers feature professionally-engineered construction and a black, powder-coated finish. Designed to easily increase the height and/or pitch of most patio, deck, and pergola roof coverings, our 18” heavy duty, black powder-coated brackets can attach to rooftops, building sides, and more. The SkyLift hardware brackets are a simple, secure, and sealed roof attachment method to increase the height and/or pitch of your patio, deck, or pergola roof cover.

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About our 18” Roof Riser Products

The designer standard duty roof riser package includes the following components:

  • 18 - 36" heavy duty riser base with receiver on top
  • Heavy duty saddle (holds 12 fasteners with a 1/2" through bolt on the top)
  • Structural screw
  • Structural nuts
  • Simpson SDS screws for riser base
  • Simpson SDS screws for top of the saddle
  • Heavy duty rubber washer
  • T40 Torx bit for SDS screws

Roof flashing add-on is not included in bracket purchase and should be purchased additionally for a fully-sealed riser installation.

For a full DIY project, shop our additional installation products here.

Heavy Duty Roof Riser Unboxing & Contents

SkyLift Roof Riser Flashing Unboxing & Demo