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SkyLift Lateral Stabilizer Strap (LSS) Installation Instructions

The Lateral Stabilizer Strap (patent pending) can be used as an additional measure to reinforce and stabilize the SkyLift Riser and a wide variety of other products such as a stand-off, stanchion, electrical weather head, satellite dish, or solar installation, where improved structural stability is desired and/or necessary.

SkyLift® Lateral Stabilizer Strap is available in 3 sizes:

  • SK-LSS-2.0 for 2” I.D. pipe size, SkyLift Heavy Duty and Designer Risers
  • SK-LSS-1.5 for 1.5” I.D. pipe size, SkyLift Standard Duty Risers
  • SK-LSS-1.25 for 1.25” I.D. pipe size, SkyLift Standard Duty Risers

Here's how to install the SkyLift Lateral Stabilizer Strap:

1. Cut out the sheathing at the device to be supported approximately rafter to rafter (10” x 22” typical for a standard SkyLift Riser Installation). Save sheathing for re-installation.

2. Install a 2x6 minimum block on the uphill side of the device to be stabilized. The block is to be installed rafter-to-rafter with the flat surface of the block below the roof sheathing. When the sheathing is re-installed the block will be below the surface of the roof sheathing.

Install the block using 16d connector toenails or Simpson 4-1/2” SDWC15450B Truss Screws (shown), 8 ea. minimum. Use the Simpson Strong-Tie® SDWC Guide to position 4 screws on each end of the 2x6 block. (Simpson fasteners and SDWC Guide sold separately.)

3. Cut and fit sheathing, install backing and blocking if necessary and re-install sheathing.

4. Install the SkyLift Stabilizer Strap. Determine if the radius side of the strap is oriented above or below the roof sheathing. Bend the radius part of the strap to the approximate roof pitch/slope. The bottom plate has elongated holes.

5. Wrap the SkyLift Stabilizer Strap around the Riser and squeeze the strap so the fasteners holes are aligned.

6. Install using 8d connector nails, or 2-1/2” Simpson SDWS16212Q Framing Screws, shown. (Simpson fasteners sold separately.)

7. Install standard pipe/vent flashing and roofing.

Download the PDF version here.