Why Choose SkyLift Hardware?
Benefits of Choosing SkyLift Hardware over the Alternative

Code Approved Using Pipe Flashing

Use either standard vent/pipe flashing or SkyLift Hardware recommended LifeTime 100% Silicone Flashing.

Engineered & Tested Solution

SkyLift Hardware is Professionally Engineered and major research university tested for lateral and uplift stability. 

Fastened Directly to Roof

Other solutions which have the appearance of being an engineered roof riser fasten directly to the roof without the use of a flashing accessory. This will compromise and void the roof manufacture's warranty.  A simple line of sealant is not a long-term solution against leaks. 

NOT Code Approved

Making roof penetration's without properly sealing and security the attachment is not a code approved solution and should be avoided in all situations.