Frequently Asked Questions for Contractors, Installers and DIY End Users

Q: How does the bracket attach to the roof?
A: The bracket does not attach to the roof. It attaches through the roof and fastens to the exterior wall top plate using only Simpson Strong-tie SDS ¼ x 3” fasteners which are included with the bracket. See installation sheet.

Q: How does it seal at the roof?
A: Use a standard pipe jack flashing. We highly recommend the LifeTime Tool UPF 100% silicone flashing found in our store.

Q: What size beam and rafters do you use?
A: Your choice. Check with your local lumberyard or contractor for proper spans. The SK24-B is designed to handle any typical 4X beam. The heavy duty SK-24-HDB is available for 4X or 6X beams.

Q: What type of roofing do you use?
A: The SK24-B is intended for trellis application or light weight poly-carbonate roof panels. Use the SK-24HDB with composition roofing products, high wind areas, heavy snow loads. For coastal conditions, the heavy duty, hot dipped, galvanized SK-24HD-GALV is recommended.

Q: What about weather blowing through the opening?
A: The unique design creates a chimney effect, with the air pressure blowing up and out. It provides resistance from rain or inclement weather blowing in and removes pesky barbeque smoke.

Q: What about seismic, wind shear or lateral movement?
A: The bracket is to be incorporated into a designed system. It is the responsibility of the installer to design and calculate. The SK-24-HD is engineered for seismic and lateral loads. The lighter bracket relies on the outline posts in combination with alternate bracing.

Q: Can you use pressure treated lumber?
A: Some treated wood may have excess surface chemicals making the wood dangerously corrosive. Accordingly, the product may not be used with pressure treated wood with a greater than .25 pcf. Comply with pressure treated manufacturer guidelines.

Q: Are there other bracket heights or can the bracket be cut down?
A: The SK-24-B is 24” tall. 30” and 36” can be special ordered in the HD (heavy duty) versions. Yes, a bracket can be cut down by re-drilling a different, through bolt hole.