Deck Addition Hip Roof
SkyLift Hardware Hip Roof Deck Addition

The Salem, OR remodeling company, C&R Builders, recently completed an amazing home addition utilizing the SkyLift Hardware Roof Riser system. This time, a standard patio cover, pergola or traditional shade structure was not constructed.

The homeowner envisioned a roof top "retreat" and the C&R team got to work. In-house architect, Steve, put together some break-taking plans for what this project could look like. The existing house, built in 1992, originally incorporated 2"x12" rafters for the purpose of adding additional insulation. Little did they know, these rafters could support an additional load which had to be correctly calculated for this project to turn into reality. (See plans below)

The SkyLift Hardware 12" Heavy Duty Designer was used in this project to hold the vertical 4" x 4" post going up to the deck. Typically, the SkyLift Hardware brackets are fastened to the exterior load bearing wall. Because of the location of the Heavy Duty riser, and width of the rafter, a block could be "L" bracketed to the rafter itself. Spacing on the block itself was key. Each SkyLift had to be centered on the 4" x 4" block between the rafters to ensure proper load distribution.