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18" Long Riser, 3-1/2" Saddle, Standard Duty, Black
18" SkyLift roof riser bracket
18" roof riser bracket

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Our 18” standard duty roof riser bracket extensions feature professionally-engineered construction and a black, powder-coated finish. Designed to easily increase the height and/or pitch of most patio, deck, and pergola roof coverings, our 18” heavy duty, black powder-coated brackets can attach to rooftops, building sides, and more. The SkyLift hardware brackets are a simple, secure, and sealed roof attachment method to increase the height and/or pitch of your patio, deck, or pergola roof cover.


About our 18” Roof Riser Products

The designer roof riser package includes the following components:

  • 18 - 36" heavy duty riser base with receiver on top
  • Heavy duty saddle (holds 12 fasteners with a 1/2" through bolt on the top)
  • Structural screw
  • Structural nuts
  • Simpson SDS screws for riser base
  • Simpson SDS screws for top of the saddle
  • Heavy duty rubber washer
  • T40 Torx bit for SDS screws

Roof flashing add-on is not included in bracket purchase and should be purchased additionally for a fully-sealed riser installation.

For a full DIY project, shop our additional installation products here.

Heavy Duty Roof Riser Unboxing & Contents

SkyLift Roof Riser Flashing Unboxing & Demo

Installation Overview
Professional Product Engineering stamp available. Rebate up to $60.
SkyLift Hardware - Engineering Express.
No rebate available for PROJECT engineering.

1. Determine approximate positioning or layout of all SkyLift roof riser brackets prior to cutting any access holes. SkyLift positioning must be directly over exterior bearing walls. Take into consideration roofing material layout, rafter locations, and interior conditions. Repositioning may be necessary due to discovered conditions.
2. Remove roofing shingles/tiles carefully and save for reinstall.
3. Square and mark location.
4. SET SAW DEPTH to avoid cutting concealed items. Check wall plate and avoid obstructions or concealed items.
5. Cut access hole (minimum 3-1/2" x 6") through the roof decking/sheating, directly over the exterior bearing wall.
6. If unfavorable conditions are discovered, reposition the bracket location. (Before cutting any roof trusses or rafters, always obtain expert guidance and professionally prepared plans.)
7. Insert the SkyLift roof riser bracket through the access hole and attach to the exterior wall top plate using 4 ea. 1/4" x 3" Simpson Strong-tie SDS screws (included).
8. Remove the SkyLift saddle and fit a standard pipe jack flashing (not included) over the SkyLift riser column. Follow manufacturer's instructions on sealing pipe jack flashing to roof.
9. Cut and fit the roofing (removed in step #3) around the pipe jack flashing and reinstall. 10. Replace the SkyLift saddle and bolt to the SkyLift riser column (3/8" bolt and nut included).
11. Seat your cross beam in the SkyLift saddle and secure with Simpson Strong-tie SDS screws (included)
See instructions included with bracket for important safety and warranty information, limitations of warranties and disclaimers.

1.5"-SkyLift Lateral Stabilizer Strap (LSS) Optional Ultimate Pipe Flashing 1.50" - For Standard Risers
Our Price: $32.99

Our Price: $67.99

1.5"-SkyLift Lateral Stabilizer Strap (LSS) Optional Ultimate Pipe Flashing 1.50" - For Standard Risers