Why Choose SkyLift Hardware (Patent Pending)

+ No more low-slope problems
+ Expanded view and natural light
+ Better air circulation
+ Excellent weather protection
+ Higher roof pitch reduces leaks & debris accumulation
+ Gutter systems undisturbed, easy to maintain
+ Designed, tested & manufactured in the USA

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About Skylift Hardware

SkyLift is an innovative, fresh way to give your outdoor living space exactly what it’s been missing. It is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing way to upgrade your outdoor living space, with a patio cover, pergola, or trellis. SkyLift Hardware gives you what no other patio cover product can; pristine airflow that offers ventilation for those BBQs during the summer and cozy fire pit nights in the fall. It can do what no other product of its kind can, because it’s like no other product ever produced before. What we should really be asking is, “Why wouldn’t you choose SkyLift Hardware?”