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SkyLift Lateral Stabilizer Strap (LSS)

The Lateral Stabilizer Strap (patent pending) can be used as an additional measure to reinforce and stabilize the SkyLift Riser and a wide variety of other products such as a stand-off, stanchion, electrical weather head, satellite dish, or solar installation, where improved structural stability is desired and/or necessary. The LSS adds significant lateral stability. to the SkyLift Roof Riser system.

SkyLift® Lateral Stabilizer Strap is available in 3 sizes:

  • SK-LSS-2.0 for 2” I.D. pipe size, SkyLift Heavy Duty and Designer Risers
  • SK-LSS-1.5 for 1.5” I.D. pipe size, SkyLift Standard Duty Risers
  • SK-LSS-1.25 for 1.25” I.D. pipe size, SkyLift Standard Duty Risers

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