How to Build a Patio Cover Using SkyLift

Why Choose SkyLift Hardware (Patent Pending)

+ No more low-slope problems
+ Expanded view and natural light
+ Better air circulation
+ Excellent weather protection
+ Higher roof pitch reduces leaks & debris accumulation
+ Gutter systems undisturbed, easy to maintain
+ Designed, tested & manufactured in the USA

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Patio Shade Cover Support Brackets

An outside seating area adds functionality and aesthetic to any home or business, but if you can't use your patio throughout all seasons because it gets too hot, too cold or too windy, you're not getting the most out of your outdoor living arrangement.

If you've tried patio umbrellas or outdoor fabric sails to protect your sitting area from the elements, you're familiar with their shortcomings by now. You know that while they can provide reasonable coverage, umbrellas and sails ultimately have minimal versatility; they blow away easily and will deteriorate heavily when exposed to everyday elements such as sun or rain.

If you're looking to landscape enhancements such as a pergola to help you create a functional outdoor space while staying true to your design vision, you're not alone. Attached structures like these are undoubtedly one of the most attractive patio shading solutions, capable of helping you maximize and beautify your outdoor space with a range of options.

Not being able to use your patio in inclement weather can soon be a thing of the past, with a sun cover that attaches to your roof; choosing Skylift hardware will ensure that your patio extension is installed optimally to provide years of outdoor enjoyment.

Skylift brackets are unique because they allow you to attach your pergola or patio extension well above the rain gutter without interfering with the roof's support system. The revolutionary design of our roof riser hardware results in more simplified and secure installations, as well as a better and more versatile finished product.

Because our support brackets raise your pergola and allow it to overlap with your existing roof, you'll have more natural light spilling in while at the same time releasing trapped heat or fire pit smoke through the "chimney effect" the roof gap creates.

Don't compromise when installing a home or restaurant shade structure. Our heavy load pergola support brackets are designed to attach securely to your existing roof without cutting into it or jeopardizing good airflow. Shop now and discover why our pitch-adjustable pergola roof riser brackets are preferred more often by the experts in design, landscape and construction.

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