“The SkyLift is truly an ingenious design and it looks great too. Our SkyLift cover lets in plenty of light and air to keep the patio cool and well lit. We highly recommend it!” —Dave and Bonnie Griswold, homeowners

Patio covers and shade trellises using SkyLift hardware have the unique “fly-over” design that allows proper slope, a standard flashing seal, and greater ventilation of heat and bar-b-que fumes. The elevated cover and “fly over” design creates a weather barrier and provides additional natural diffused light to the space below.

“My old patio cover was dark and close. But my new SkyLift patio cover gives an enhanced sense of being outdoors. I’m still completely protected from wind and rain but when I look up, I see the sky!” —Karen Jensen, homeowner

Trellis and Pergola patio cover

“SkyLift roof riser hardware can be used to build a variety of structures. Rest assured that with our unique design, you can have an outdoor space that both looks great and will stand the test of time.

“The SkyLift roof riser hardware is a great idea! This will simplify the installation for everyone and the finished product will be more aesthetically pleasing than any other design out there.” —Mike Howell, PARR Lumber

SkyLift Hardware is designed to be installed directly on top of the load bearing exterior wall. The seal at the roof is achieved with a standard plumbing vent flashing. There is standard duty and heavy duty products. Available in different heights and beam widths there is sure to be a product just right for your project.

Trellis and Pergola structures can now be installed without setting post against the structure. Low eaves can now have an elevated place of attachment. The SkyLift Hardware is Secure, Sealed and Structural and the unique SkyLift Hardware in Heavy Duty can be set parallel or perpendicular to the bearing wall.

"The Skylift product that we purchased has turned out to be exactly what we needed. We were able to extend the height of our retractable awning, lifting it above and away from the gutter system. Thanks for your help." -Bill S. Mobile, AL

Why Choose SkyLift?

The average patio cover can provide more pain than pleasure. With a typical low-pitched patio roof you can count on having unwelcome leaks, debris accumulation, and eventual rot problems. Most covers trap summer heat and barbecue fumes. Sight lines are reduced when sitting on the patio. Natural light is blocked from reaching inside the house. All of this trouble is a high price to pay for some weather protection.

But not anymore! We are proud to introduce the SkyLift Roof Riser Hardware.

SkyLift roof riser hardware solves all major problems associated with typical low-slung Patio Cover, Trellis, Pergola and Outdoor Living structure designs by "raising the roof" to float over an existing house roof. Now you can build a Patio Cover, Trellis, Pergola and Outdoor Living structure that works with your existing structure and not against it. Click here to view our product line & get ready to re-make your outdoor space!

With SkyLift you get:

  • No more low-slope problems
  • Expanded view and natural light
  • Better air circulation
  • Excellent weather protection
  • Higher roof pitch reduces leaks and debris accumulation
  • Gutter systems undisturbed, easy to maintain
  • Patio cover pitch can match slope of existing house roof
  • Uses standard roof jack flashing for water tight roof installation
  • Engineered bracket hardware provides structural integrity
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in the USA
  • Patent Pending